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Odi-Olowo/ Ojuwoye Local Council Development Area is on of the thirty seven additional local government created by Governor Emeritus, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, on October 23rd 2003, bringing the number of local governments to twenty and thirty seven local council development areas. However, following historical perspective, the actual date of founding Odi- Olowo and Ojuwoye land is unknown, but there is a strong indication, that the land had initially belonged to the ‘IGBARIS’ of the orient, who founded their domain by one ‘Oloja Fisa’ who settled on the vast area of the virgin land known as ‘Ewe-Aigbogbo’, often called Waigboland, of which Odi-Olowo and Ojuwoye formed a land. With the creation of Lagos State in 1967, the state was divided into five native authority namely Ikeja native authority, Badagry native auntority, Ikorodu native authority, Lagos native authority and Epe native authority (IBILE), during which Odi-Olowo/Ojuwoye was controlled by Ikeja native authority. Presently, Odi-Olowo/ Ojuwoye Local Council Development Area has its boundary to the North of Oworonshoki Apapa Express through flyover by Town Planning to Oshodi on the other side. Its boundary to the south is from the beginning of Agege Motor Road through Ransome Kuti School COMPLEX Road to the other side of Jibowu to Town Planning flyover on Oworonshoki Ibadan Expressway, and to the West by Agege Motor Road to Oshodi flyover. Considering the economic viability and population growth of the area, Odi-Olowo/ Ojuwoye L.C.D.A., is characterized with the heavy presence of manufacturing and production industries. There are over one hundred and sixty companies. It also possess the geographical proximity to some big markets such as popular Oshodi Market, Awolowo Market and Ojuwoye Market, making it a viable industrial zone in Lagos State. Traditionally, the L.C.D.A is ruled by the first class of Obas in the State, that is, Oba of Odi-Olowo and Olu of Mushin with Baales, Chiefs and Community Leaders. By religion, Odi-Olowo/ Ojuwoye L.C.D.A., is characterized by a blend of both Christians, muslims and traditional worshippers.

Conclusively, Odi-Olowo/ Ojuwoye L.C.D.A presently consists of nine political wards namely;

  • Ward A- Fadeyi Area
  • Ward B- Idi-Oro/ Olosha Area
  • Ward C- Ojuwoye Area
  • Ward D- Olorunshogo Area
  • Ward E- Ilupeju/ Railway Line Area
  • Ward F- Owodunni/ Awoyokun Area
  • Ward G- Olateju Area
  • Ward H- Kayode/ Onipanu Area
  • Ward I- Ilupeju Estate Area

According to Aremo Adeyemi Alli, the Executive Chairman of Odi-Olowo/ Ojuwoye L.C.D.A., ‘Our vision is to make the council area the best administered L.C.D.A in Lagos State and the cynosure of all eyes, of which all its inhabitants shall be proud, where equity, justice and fairness shall be the driving force of government action, and to harness all our God give resources and use wealth for the ends of individual happiness, fulfillment and peaceful cohabitation in an environment of transparent and honest leadership.


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