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Odiolowo/Ojuwoye Departments

Personnel Department

This department is the nerve centre of the local government, the department coordinates the activities of other departments and serve as a link between the Executive arm and the Management team.

Budget and Planning Department

The department is saddled with the following responsibilities;

  • Preparation of Budget
  • Monitoring of Internal Revenue
  • Monitoring of Projects
  • Data Collection
  • Waste and Sanitation Department
This department is specifically mandated to be responsible for the carting away of refuse within the LCDA and to ensure the enforcement of sanitation laws of the State Government.

Internal Audit Unit

The internal audit unit is responsible for carrying out the appraisal of the accounting and financial processes of the LCDA. It is also responsible for ensuring the financial discipline of the LCDA though the use of Internal Control mechanism to monitor cheques and prevent abuse of financial regulations, proper accountability of public funds spent and receipted within a view to maintaining a prudent and transparent public service.

Finance and Supply Department

The finance and supply department is primarily responsible for the proper keeping of records of accounts in respect of all financial transactions of the LCDA and other sundry functions.

Department of Agric, Rural and Social Development

The department is responsible for the enlightenment and mobilization of people at the grassroots, it is also a link between the third tier of government and the people at the grassroots.

Woman Affairs and Poverty Alleviation Department

The department is responsible for women development within the LCDA and also mobilization of women for implemented programmes that concerns women.

Education Department

The department is responsible for complementing state government's effort on primary education.

Primary Health Care Department

The department is one of the seven statutory departments of the LCDA. It has the constitutional responsibility of providing basic health care services to members of the public.

Public Affairs Unit

This Unit is responsible for the proper Projection of the image of the LCDA via constant and cordial relationship with the media and reaching out to the people of the LCDA

Legal Unit

The legal unit is responsible for ensuring that the activities of the LCDA were given legal backings.

Works and Housing Department

The department is responsible for the maintenance of public building and roads.